Le Dérot Moulinage : tous les plaisirs de la Drôme réunis dans nos Chambres d'Hôtes.
4 rooms are available for our guests. They all bear a name related to spinning: Tavelle, Bobine (Reel), Pelote (Ball) and Quenouille (Distaff).

The room Quenouille.

Chambre d'hôte le dérot - QuenouilleLa quenouille (distaff) is a stick used to hold a bundle of fibres for the spinning to be done with a spindle or a spinning wheel.
A well known distaff is quoted in "The Sleeping Beauty" where the heroine pricks her finger on the spindle, then sinks into a deep sleep. We hope that guests who choose this room also enjoy a deep sleep.

The shower is on the ground floor with a slatted wooden base. A frieze of small pebbles from the Gervanne echoes the river that can be viewed from the window.

Furniture of character and excellent bedding (160cm x 200cm), equip this room: chair, sofa and writing table.
Even with this furniture, the room remains spacious and can comfortably accommodate a cot that we make available on request.