Le Dérot Moulinage : tous les plaisirs de la Drôme réunis dans nos Chambres d'Hôtes.


Le Dérot Moulinage is situated in the Rhône-Alpes region, south east of Valence, 10 km away from Crest. Situated on the D70, which goes throught the Vercors from north to south. Le Derot Moulinage is halfway between Mirabel-et- Blacons and Beaufort-sur-Gervanne, 2 km from the Parc Régional du Vercors. On a GPS, type in: “Le derot Moulinage, Montclar-sur-Gervanne” . Or 44 ° 44'53 .94''N / 5 ° 07'33 .22''E, altitude 290m.

To come home, don’t go to Montclar sur Gervanne. Stay on the main road (D70) between Mirabel et Blacons and Beaufort sur Gervanne. We are next to this road.
chambres-hotes-derot-moulinage  chambres-hotes-derot-moulinage